What is a Doff N' Donner? Loading the Donner Donning the Garment

The Doff N' Donner is a "Toroid", or in laymen's terms an infinitely shaped stretchy water balloon. It is used to doff and don compression garments of all shapes, styles and compressions levels.

What makes the Doff N' Donner different from other devices is that it is a Doffer as well as a Donner. It is unique in that it is an assistive device that conforms to the garment, eliminating the need to over-stretch as with other donning devices. The Doff N' Donner was invented by a caregiver, to assist other caregivers in utilizing a "push" mentality rather than the traditional "pull" strategy employed by patients. Then the technology was further refined, to make it easier for patients to use themselves. Because the Doff N' Donner "conveys" the garment, it rolls right over bandages, freshly lotioned or moist limbs, and even scar management pads!

Doffing the Garment
Doffing the garment can be done in as many ways as donning, and it is truly the best feature of the Doff N' Donner because it leaves the garment Ready for re-donning!

The garment must first be rolled or "loaded" onto the Doff N' Donner. This process can be accomplished in several ways:

(1) Using the Doff N' Donner Accessory:
The "Cone"

(2) Using the Doff N' Donner Accessory:
The "Pole"

(3) With a little practice you can even use your arm!

(4) Doffing a garment that is already donned!

Once the garment is loaded, the Doff N' Donner can be used in many ways to don:

(1)The Caregiver can Roll/push it on!

(2) The Patient can roll it on with their hands!

(3) The Patient can even don hands-free, using their foot and the Doff N' Donner accessory
The "Runway"

(4) The Patient can don without bending at the waist using the Doff N' Donner accessory:
The "Chute"